Quadro Studio is established in the begining of 2004. We have been working in the field of industrial design for variety of companies like Ideal Standard-Vidima, Tesy, Ficosota, Datecs, Axel, Elbet, Eldom Invest, Domaine Boyar, BSM, Carat Electronics, Balkancar-Record, Kadans. We designed:
-bathroom products (taps and mixers, basins, WCs, shower enclosures);
-heating appliances (electrical convectors, heaters, boilers);
-household appliances (hot plates, ovens);
-cash registers and POS terminals;
-security alarm elements, remote controls;
-gambling terminals (game machines, electronic roulettes);
-yachts and boats;
-fork-lifts and mopeds.
Quadro Studio consists of graduated designers (holding MSc's in Industrial Design) with more than 15 years experience in the field of industrial and package design. Our purpose is to create high-quality products that conform with production technology standards, market trends and the latest designs and styles. Special attention is given to the unique features and stated preferences of the individual client. Ergonomics, consumer perception and product impact are a high priority with our team.
Projects are developed in the following sequence: consultation with the client, research, initial concept description, concept development, design, refinement, presentation, copy right.
We guarantee that our expertise, professionalism and creativity will meet your needs in professional design services.